Guohe @ 四川 | Photovolt Power Station helps high quality development upstream of the Yellow River

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, August 24 (Reporter Xiao Lin, Xie Shi) a photovoltaic power station changed the fate of 尕. After graduating from college, he became the "homepiece" of a family herders in Masa Village, Hongyuan County, Abazhou, Sichuan Province.

Because Huahai photovoltaic plants built on his wife’s family grass field, he found the work of professional counterparts.

  Aba Prefecture is sufficient, which belongs to the national solar resource enrichment area. The increasing photovoltaic power station has made the plateau masses have new income, employment channels, local development and tourism, and the production of agricultural animals has cleaning energy. From the resultment of production and lifestyle, it is injecting 黄浦区水磨 new vitality in the upper reaches of the Yellow River.

  The father-in-law, the father of the father-in-law, was 1,500 acres of pasture, and raised 270 cows. Later, due to too much livestock, the grassland degraded, 500 mu was banned, and 150 cows were left.

In 2014, Hongke A leased the 750-acres of grass to the photovoltaic power station, the annual rent of 120,000 yuan, up every 5 years, 3 people 江苏娱乐地图论坛yldt in the home in the power station, more than 5,000 yuan per month.

Red Bike has reduced cattle to 100, and the "shepherd" and more than 20 million yuan in tourism. This is a flower sea photovoltaic station in Pusar Village, Yuxi Town, Hongyuan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Hongjing photo "When I was young, I didn’t eat it. I live in the wicker woven wall, and I’m applying the cattle dung shed ‘, two clothes in the four seasons." The red fire The Coracar decided to make a family, and 4 children were divided into 4 small families, he and the three sons lived. "The Red Baijia, has gone rid of the binding of the ‘grassland’.

"The town of Xixi Town has just told the reporter that past herders will not be easily integrated, because the family means that the number of households and cattle and sheep will be reduced, and it is difficult to resist the risks brought by the harsh and natural environment. Similar stories also There are a lot of photovoltaic gel power stations built on the 40 acres of Maixi Township, 40 acres of villages, and 413 out of 10,000 yuan per person.

Local is graving the opportunity, vigorously damaging the animals, protecting the ecology, developing tourism and farming products. Since the power station generally allows herders to regularly enter the photovoltaic power field, some herders have also walked out a "Glossard, Ecological Seal", Fengxin Road. The reporter saw the Huahai photovoltaic power station, McGi Photovoltaic Power Station, and the Maixi POWP station, and the Solar Power Station of the Solar Plate, the bottom of the grass, and the following pastures are very beautiful.

  "This is a monase, this is ryegrass, the stalk long is the old martythi, which is the main pasture on the northwest plateau meadow, the root system has strong cultivation.

Zhang Dawei, a researcher, Afar’s Agricultural Rural Bureau, said. The reporter interviewed in several animal husbandry in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, some local cadres believe that the upper reaches of the Yellow River should achieve high quality development, and must reduce the destruction and dependence of the grassland. The power station is a good choice. According to the Aba State Development Reform Commission, Aba Prefecture has built the total capacity of the photovoltaic power station, there is still a great development space. (End) [Responsible Editor: Li Tingyu].


After the Wannan incident, Zhou Enlai wrote a letter to Yan’an women’s youth … Liu Jin tells the ? red mark

Burning a hundred years of memory with the sound, I am a revolutionary cultural relics telling people, actors Liu Jin.

The cultural relics I want to tell are written to the "Xinhua Daily" reporter Fan Yuanzhen.

This letter was written on February 1, 1941. When the Wannan Incidents occurred, the Chongqing situation waves in Chongqing.

There is "busy, nervous and indignant" emotions in just 400 words, and there is also the persistence of "standing in their own position". The beliefs, courage and mission of the Communists are jumped on paper. Now, the two pages 上海最高档的水疗会所 of micro-yellow letterpass, quietly lying in the Chongqing Hongyan Revolution History Museum, the years make the above-in-one fading, but it is impossible to abrasive the memory of passion burning in the flying fire in 80 years ago. I just passed in New Year in 1941, and I was deeply stunned with Chongqing. A emergency electric wave from southeastern, passed to the Hongyan Pan 13, the Jialing River, the area where the Eighth Route Army was located.

More than 9,000 new four military orders and direct troops, which were essential, and were taken by more than 80,000 people from the Kuomintang army when I was in Maolin, Anhui Province. After an abnormal battle lasted four days and night, the new four military departments have been prepared for all sacrifices! In January is the coldest season in Chongqing. Zhou Enlai, who is 上海水磨桑拿论坛 participating in the 3rd anniversary celebration of the social publication, interrupted his speech after the telegram, and disappointing the new four armies in the scene of the new four armies. At this time, the lights in the hall suddenly extinguished, and a paint surrounded.

Zhou Enlai means 上海闵行水磨24小时 that he said to everyone: "The dark is temporary, and the bright will be arrived."


Changchun City Green Park Taxation Bureau: I do practical bank tax interactive for the company

"All the tax companies are all, I really feel the warmth of my family. I thank the Green Park Taxation Bureau. I will help us to raise funds so quickly, solve the urgentity. I have your support, we have confidence. I am determined to make a big stronger, but also guarantee the good example of obeying the law, drive the people to fulfill the tax obligation according to law. "Changchun Fangshun Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., the legal talents, Ding Ding, I sent a thank you letter, and said excitedly.

In order to further deepen the transformation of the party history, the Changchun City Green Park Taxation Bureau adheres to the party building leadership, constantly innovation of the 松江大学城后街怎么耍 carrier, and deepened "I will" pay the fees for the taxpayer ", actively organize the" Silver Tax Interactive "off the Salon activities, Construction tax, enterprises, silver tripartite interactive platforms, to seek development departments to enterprises, and expand their business capabilities actively contribute. On July 20th, the Green Terminal Taxation Bureau jointly established a bank railway branch in Changchun City. In the District Bureau Tiexi Taxation Office, the second phase of the "Silver Tax Interaction" offline Salon activities in the year, and more than 10 companies have arrived, 5 The household business reached a credit loan intention, and the 1st company was successfully applied for loans.

At this point, the Green Terminal Taxation Bureau 2021 "Silver Tax Interaction" 上海龙凤shift offline Salon first loan is 1 million yuan to successfully enter the enterprise account. Next, the Changchun City Green Park Taxation Bureau will adhere to the goal oriented, based on the long-term, and more systematic system is fully mechanized, and the "Silver Tax Interaction" offspring.

Take a megadownload measures such as megadownload measures such as megadownload measures such as megadownload measures such as megadownload measures, and clarify the leading units and coordinate the Salon Conference.

The nine branches of the 9 grassroots tax office and the construction bank railway branch formed 9 groups to give full play to their respective functions, regularly carry out the relevant policies and information of the online salon counseling enterprises, and serve the company simultaneously master the first-hand enterprise appeal and suggestions. Make full use of large data platforms, use the advantages of "cloud tax loans" platform, further expand the connotation of service, and let the trustworthy enterprises get the benefits of "true gold and silver". Taking taxpayers demand-oriented, targeted more accurate "fixed-point drip irrigation" services.

Filter companies with credit levels of A, B, M; enterprises that have encountered bottlenecks and capital chains and have certain development potential, and jointly participate in the "Silver Tax Interaction" offline salon activities, let taxpayers with truly financing needs Join the "Silver Tax Interaction" off the salon to help companies with practical difficulties have traveled to the difficulties, the production capacity, cultivate quality tax sources for regional economic construction, create 爱上海1314品茶微信号 higher social value.


Anti-epidemic situation, guarantee supply, promote consumption "2021 National On-Nate New Year Festival" opened on the 20th

It is understood that the "2021 National Online New Year Festival" activity is from January 20th to February 18th, 2021. This event has Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, a lot of large-scale e-commerce platforms such as US groups, Mei, Bailian, Gome, Suning, Box Ma Fat, and other lines, and local characteristic e-commerce companies participating.

During the event, e-commerce companies "unified time, unified identification", guarantee the supply of necessities and epidemic prevention materials, launching a full reduction, real-discount, and carry out new products, with a different form of promotion in the form of old-replaced. At the 15th, "2021 National 老闵行江川路浴场150 Online New Year Festival" news blowing conference .

This year, in order to solve the gathering of the underwritment of the line, from the perspective of anti-epidemic, guarantee supply, promote consumption, and instructively introduced preferential initiatives.

At the end of the event, the end of the New Year, mainly to consider the supply of the Spring Festival, guarantee the "Spring Festival does not fight" to meet the people’s holiday procurement needs.

Zhang Jun, the second-level inspector of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, disclosed that in the blow-blowing conference, in order to promote the success of the New Year’s Eve, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology mainly launched three aspects: First, organize industry and information management 上海会所外卖工作室 authorities to carry out the "2021 National Online New Year Festival" event , Do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, protect people’s livelihood and promote economic growth, combined with the characteristics of the Spring Festival and the consumption habits, careful planning, careful deployment, and expand publicity, and implement it. The second is to guide production enterprises to adapt to epidemic protection and new models that have no contact consumption, and fully protect the supply of residential epidemic prevention supplies; at the same time, it will continue to improve the consumer upgrade of consumption, and continue to improve health, green, intelligent consumer goods supply capacity. The third is to promote a new generation of information technology integration in the consumer goods industry and the Internet, and promote the application of intelligent manufacturing model, encourage personalization and flexible production. Accelerate the development of manufacturing and service, and achieve transition from "production manufacturing" to "service-based manufacturing".

(Editor: Shen Jiaping, Zhang Firan) Sharing let more people see.


Geely Xinbang Hainan listed for sale 7.58

Geely Newborn Interior. The image of the mid-term change should be educed, and it is also full of sports. The moving seat of the Alcantara material 上海浦东桑拿按摩水磨 is not absent. The central control area is used by soft material, matte metal brushed material panel. Make this Chinese brand SUV looks great. The new color is equipped with an inch central control large screen, two-color motion steering wheel, and the gentleness of the cabinet model is both young and moving characteristics.

In terms of the color matching of the interior, the new colorful interior uses a black color to enjoy yellow color matching, 上海闵行颛桥kb名店 catering to young consumers, new color is launched 72 rhythm motion atmosphere, with driving mode linkage, breathing mode, with car speed Music rhythm, etc.

Geely adds a four-cylinder engine to the new color, which forms a high and low output power combination with the old engine. Among them, the maximum power of the engine reached 141 horsepower, the peak torque was 上海静安区快餐发廊 235N · m, the main city economy commuter; the maximum power is 177 horsepower, the peak torque is 255N · m, a hundred kilometers accelerated, the main sports driving experience.


China Iron Look: Focusing Rail Transit Construction Promoting Party History Learning Education

China’s iron, the political enthusiasm of the party history, the political enthusiasts, to promote the vivid practice of enterprise reform and development, will "do practical things for the masses" as "service customers, serve the people". China’s iron-based oil group is responsible for the fuel supply of national railway locomotives, providing diesel procurement, warehousing, shipping, and full process services, achieving full coverage of 18 roads in the country, more than 400 oil points, becoming railway fuel supply Chain management and indispensable Internet access service platform.

In Henan Zhengzhou flood control and disaster relief work, more 上海可约的微信群 than 30 vehicles were dispatched in a timely manner, and the vehicle’s fill of more than 200 times, and the personnel operation more than 400 times, and strive to protect the oil demand in the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau in the jurisdiction.

China’s Iron Subject The Rail Group actively promotes the upgrade of rail reserve center library construction and operation maintenance technology, and the rail protection technology independently developed in the basis of introducing learning and absorption is the international advanced level. At present, there are more than 50 lines of Jingjiu, Beijing-Guangzhou, Bohai Mi Railway and Beijing-Shanghai, Hefu, Lanxin High Speed ??Railway, etc. Kit, effectively extend the life of the rails, so that China’s train runs faster and more and more and more, so that Chinese and foreign 浦东桑拿会所全套 passengers are more comfortable and safer. China’s iron-based resource technology company and China Baowu cooperates with China Baowu, "Party Pioneer Project" – National First Railway Resource Circular Utilization Production Base on May 26th, China’s 上海各区工作室新茶 production base is put into operation, allowing railway scrap materials to regenerate from "Small Workshop", transforming to intensive, digitizing, intelligent, greening modern factory, vigorously expanding the green development space of China Railway, helping the country to achieve carbon-up peak, carbon neutralization goals, to construct a green low-carbon circulation for the state The economic system contributes the intelligence and strength of central enterprises.


Fujian Province will carry 上海419论坛 out forestry carbon and pilot construction

The provincial party committee has apparently deepens the "Convention on Deepening Collective Forest Rights Reform", which has been apparent to the Committee’s review, and the Opinions on Deepening the High Quality Development of Forestry. Fujian Province will arrange 10 million yuan from the provincial forestry special funds for 20 counties (City , District), state-owned forest farm, etc. to carry out forestry carbon and pilot construction, completing the construction area of ??500,000 mu, new forest vegetation has a carbon output of 500,000 tons. According to the proposal, we must improve the development mechanism of forestry, improve the forestry carbon exchange system. Field trading model, guidance agency, enterprises and institutions, social groups to buy forestry carbon exchange or create carbon neutral forests, promote carbonaceous, and cultivate the institutions with forestry carbon exchange projects in Fujian Province; Solid-carbon emission reduction measures such as forest management and disaster prevention and control, to support the research of forestry carbon exchange projects such as "forest cessation 上海闵行桑拿洗浴会所 commercial harvesting", encouraging state-owned forest farms, forestry enterprises and other operating subjects to strengthen forest management and improve forest Quality, improve forest ecosystem solid carbon capacity, participate in carbon discharge transactions. (Reporter Zhang Hui correspondent Liu Jianbo) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lanyan) Share let more people see client downloads.


Do practical affairs | old community transformation encounters more difficult problems "Leadership Message Board"

In this regard, the people’s governments of Sandun Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou, said that the new star community has urged the property to strengthen fire safety management and persuade and rectify the private pulse line. At the same time, Sandun Town has been included in the scope of the new star community in previous years, but when soliciting the remediation plan and programs to the community, the opposition rate is nearly 41%, causing the plan to be implemented, the community 上海spa品茶论坛 renovation work is suspended. Residents should consciously dismantle all kinds of violations of violations and structures that invade public spaces and have safety hazards.

After consultation with the self-riding disposal opinions, you can apply for a restoration of the restoration of the community rectification work. Promote the renovation of the old community, which is conducive to improving the living conditions of the residents and the quality of life, meeting the good life needs of the people, enhancing the happiness of the masses, gaining feelings. At the same time, this work is also of great significance to improving the community environment and enhance the overall image of the city.

Since 2019, it was listed as the national urban old community renovation pilot province, Zhejiang Province was in full swing, and continued to promote the remodeling work of the old community.

In December 2020, the General Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Reconstruction of Urban Old Community", requiring adherence to the government guidance, jointly creating, unified, precision policy, system linkage, overall promotion, innovation mechanism, optimization The basic principle of governance, with the transformation of comprehensive improvement, realizing the improvement of infrastructure, neighboring the environment, the management mechanism, and the harmony between the neighborhood culture, the neighborhood culture, and the harmony between the neighborhood. At the same time, the development of work objectives, by 2022, Zhejiang Province has more than less than 2000 urban old communities, basically forming the 上海千花阁 framework, policy system and working mechanism of urban old community renovation system; go to "145", basically completed It is necessary to transform the old community renovation task before the end of 2000.


Gao Fengying: Water Town Female Military Heroes with Liu Hulan

On March 8, 1947, the CPC Central Office reported that the Liberation Daily wrote in the first edition of the "March 8" Women’s Day Editorial: "We must learn Su Zhong Gao Fengying and the brilliant example of Liu Hulan, leading the majority of women.At the same time, at the same time, in the third version of the "38 Special Issue", "the Women in the Patriotic Self-Defense Front", in the article "New Era, Huulan", introduced Gao Fengying’s heroic deeds..

Yan’an Broadcasting Station, "Xinhua Daily" "Volkswagen Daily" "Su Zhou", "Jianghai Guide", "Zi Dynasty", "Zi Dynasty", etc. The newspapers and magazines have also promoted Gao Fengying’s heroic deeds.

In the fall of 1947, Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Zhen was in danger of life to Gao Fengying’s life, and wrote into a touching person’s long communication "The Story of Girl Heroes", and after the income of China Xinhua Bookstore published "unyielding struggle" book . After the liberation, the "Jiangsu Provincial Military Strike Story Collection" has published the heroic deeds of Gao Fengying, and published a "Gao Fengying" specializing in the story of its story. So far, Hai’an, Jiang Yan also passed the seven-word singing of her heroic deeds: "The revolutionary hero Gao Fengying, heroic killing the enemy.

Striry newspapers and demand liberation, the people heard the tears.

"Gao Fengying (1925-1947), female, original Ziqixian people, in 1944, participated in the revolution, and soon he served as the Women’s Director of Shuangbao Township. Join the Communist Party of China in May 1946.

In September 1946, China Zhongye Wars Army is divided, and Ziqi County (now Hai’an) Jiangbei District 上海同城交友微信群 has deteriorated, and the district committee called on the struggle of the gun, and Gao Fengying took the lead in response. In the same year, the situation in the autumn and winter is more nervous. In the extremely difficult anti-"clear" struggle, the district committee asked her to north, she resolutely disagreed, asked to participate in the guerrilla, staying in the same place.

Gao Fengying became the only female team member of the district guerrilla.

She has a reconnaissance task, she always rushed. She is instigated into the old woman, and she has entered the "tongue", detecting the enemy, killing the enemy, put the flyer to the gate of the landlord "returned to the hometown", and buried landmines to the "returning hometown" of the mine Under the threshold of 上海品茶上课 the molecules, the enemy was scared. Gao Fengying hit the battle very brave.

In the battle, she always charged before.

One day in August 1946, the Jiangbei District Committee and the guerrillas of Jiangbei District Committee and the three and forty enemies of Jiang Yizhuang and Jiangyan were squatted to Yijiazhuang. Under the district leaders, the guerrillas launched an attack on the enemy of Henan. Gao Feng Yingchong is in front, the first one rushed to the river, leaing the river, ramping down the river, braving the enemy’s rain, while stepping on the river, shooting to the enemy, soon, I went to the river soon, one The gun hit an enemy, the enemy saw the guerrillaship came so fast, and the food that scared to grab the grab. When dangerous, Gao Fengying always left the hope to others; when it is 爱上海sh419论坛 difficult, it is even more convenient for comrades. Once, Gao Fengying’s class leader and other five or six people suffered from dozens of enemies in Hu Jiazu, and the enemy’s 3 machine gun scan them.

At this moment of life and death, Gao Fengying said to the squad leader: "You will go first, I cover.

"She replaced a place with an advantageous terrain, taking a shot of the enemy to himself, covering other comrades, she is watching, retreating to the river, a" slam "dive to the shore of Hebei The enemy. On January 13, 1947, I learned that the Jiangyan enemy’s self-defense team should go to the countryside "sweeping", Ziqi Group and Jiangbei, white rice, Shagang, Tainan District, decided to take the initiative, and ambush enemy.

On the 14th, there was just bright, more than a thousand enemies came down from Jiang Yan, and the East Road is ambush, and the enemy does not suddenly attack, and the enemy is row.

The majority of the enemy quickly rushed up, and the leaders of the county group immediately decided to withdraw from the battle. At 10 o’clock in the morning, the troops removed from the high-ranking of the four-wheeled water, and was surrounded by several enemies. In order to cover most of the team, Gao Fengying led the commando to repeate the enemy three attacks, fight to dusk, big The troops rushed out of the enemy’s envelopes. In the battle, the Gao Fengying legs were injured and was placed in a boss home. After the enemy’s entrance, the enemy has repeatedly searched, twice into the old bride’s house, the big mother is "this is my daughter," I was injured in the incident ".

When the sky is black, the enemy sees again, and the traitor recognizes Gao Fengying. Gao Fengying missed the enemy. The enemy tied her into a ancestral hall, and the hands were tied to the roof, and the brutal tortured overnight. Gao Fengying has been smashed in a few times and did not span a little confidential.

In the morning of the 15th, the enemy tied Gao Feng Ying to a banyan tree, and the cigarette with a spotted cigarette put her face on her face, but she was always unyielding.

The enemy’s various tortures did not get a sentence, and only the eyes of Gao Fengying hatred. At noon, Gao Fengying was taken by the enemy to the open space in the south side. At this time, Gao Fengying dripping is not in, but she still uses a tenacious perseverance to support the scarred body with a leg, facing the enemy’s butcher knife, head head Very chest, no fear.

The enemy pulled the trigger and opened two shots. Gao Fengying did not fall. The enemy hurriedly stabbed 3 knives. In this way, only 22-year-old Gao Fengying, for the people’s liberation, a valuable life. Gao Hui people will meet the Memoribo on the 23rd of the year.

In 1963, the river near the Northern Northern River near the ancestral hall was named Feng Yinghe.

In April 1975, the Hai’an County People’s Government was built in 2 groups in Zhangdong Village, Shagang Township (20 groups in Queun Village, Nanmo Town).

In April 1995, it was announced by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government as Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Unit. In 2009, the Ministry of Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee was carried out across the country’s selection "100 hero model characters who made outstanding contributions to New China and 100 new China." Activities, Gao Fengying is selected "50 is new Established Jiangsu Hero Model Character.

In March 2010, the Hai’an County People’s Government made Gao Fengying Martyrs Tomb into Gao Fengying Martyrs Cemetery. In September 2020, the Gao Fengying Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall was built and officially opened. (Li Guoliang) Source: Hai’an Daily.


Construction of water experimental middle school 2021 college entrance examination 1 online 1617 people

On June 23, Yunnan Admissions Examination Institute announced the 2021 college entrance 上海高端工作室 examination score line, and the construction of the water experimental middle school is 1,617 people, 600 points and 307 people. At the same time, three student college entrance examination results were shielded and entered 50 in the province. According to the person in charge of the construction of the water experiment, the ethical candidates have been divided into the average of 540 points and more than 540 points in 2018.

The college entrance examination scores were shielded, and the results of the senior high school entrance examination were 468 points, respectively, and the candidates once again wrote "low entering and high" achievements.

It is understood that, at present, Water Experimental Middle School has developed an efficient classroom teaching teaching and research model. There must be a collective teaching and research before class, teaching teaching and research regression textbooks, deep digging 上海女士征婚网materials, cultivate students’ learning ability; students do not use teaching services, according to learning actual situation Preparation of guidance outlines and exercises; classroom teaching gives full play to students’ learning initiative, and returns to students as the main classroom. According to the person in charge of the school, the construction of water experimental middle school pays attention to quality education, through class and school activities, cultivates students’ comprehensive quality, teamwork ability, ability to communicate with people, self-management skills and responsibility.

The high-efficiency class in the school is more important to cultivate students’ thinking, learning ability, and the ability to analyze problems and solve problems in society. "Reading is a experience in the growth process.爱上海龙凤

"The person in charge said. It is understood that the construction of the water experimental middle school implements full enclosure of boarding management, and the mobile phone is not allowed to use the" Primary School Code "; emphasizing that students must eat good meals, sleep well, run well, every day Sleeping time is not less than 8 hours, running for no less than 2 kilometers; advocating diligence and saving, hard and simple, do not waste food, not comparing to eat; pay attention to the comprehensive training of German intelligence, China. (Zhang Chen) (Zhang Chen) Responsible: Musheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia).